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About Us
This is what we do and why we do it.
The primary purpose of Channel Cities Jazz Club (CCJC) is to promote the art and music of American Jazz.  To bring together those peoples who love to listen, dance, and play American Jazz.  To encourage talented musicians to perform and hone their skills before a live audience, and to bring into the public arena High School music departments and their Jazz bands.

The mission and corporate purpose of Channel Cities Jazz Club, Inc. (hereafter the "Corporation"), is:

To preserve, promote and educate the public about the American art form of Jazz Music

To ensure that Jazz continues to be a living art form and to appreciate in both its' historical and ever evolving forms

To provide a forum for persons of all ages to come together to perform and enjoy Jazz with an emphasis on building bonds between generations from youths through seniors.

To enable musicians, dancers and listeners to contribute to the synergy created when Jazz is performed live.

To create and develop opportunities for established musicians to share their craft, as well as enhancing educational opportunities for those desiring to learn to play and/or to improve upon their musical skills.

Friends We Support
N O J C Northern California
El Sobrante, CA
 White Rock Trad Jazz Society British Columbia, Canada Bellingham Trad Jazz Society Bellingham, WA, Austin Trad Jazz Society
Austin, Texas
The House of Dance
Ventura, CA,

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