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Year 2017

Adrian Martin
Adrian MartinMy name is Adrian Martin, I am 16 years old and I am a student at Rio Mesa High School.
I was a part of the school Jazz band and have been playing jazz for two years now.
I have also been playing the Alto Saxophone for 4 years.
I plan on taking advantage of this opportunity to meet new people and learn different styles of playing.

Jolea Moes
Jolea MoesI have been playing jazz for about three years now, and in my perspective, I have a limited knowledge on this topic, but I do have strong insight on it. To me, jazz is the most adaptable type of music to every musician out there.
By going to this camp, I open myself up to unique learning opportunities and will be surrounded with others who are also passionate about Jazz music. My understanding is that at the camp, there will be an emphasis on turning theory into practice, and soloing will also be emphasized.

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