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The summer Jazz Camp for Youth has received enough donations to send two student musicians to the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society Teagarden Summer Jazz Camp for Youth.  Elijah Kennedy and Leticia Cabrera, from Santa Paula High School, have accepted the scholarship for the July camp.

Calabasas All Star Jazz Band to Perform in China.

Local Musicians are to be the Sole Representatives of the United States.

A group of 23 of the finest young jazz musicians from Calabasas, 14-18 years old, have been invited to perform in a cultural festival in China from July 28th to August.
The Calabasas H.S. Music Program is among the very best in California, the Calabasas All Star Jazz Band and this invitation to China is just another credit to the excellent reputation of Ventura County Schools and their music program.
This Jazz Band program in Calabasas and the upcoming cultural exchange trip to China are works and events well worth the financial support of all of us who love Jazz, who care for the many young people who deserve our support and encouragement and trust, and who see such events as a great opportunity for young Americans to share all that is so good about our nation with youth in far-away places.

I hope you all will pay attention to the happenings of the Calabasas All-Star Jazz Band. Your Board has voted a $250 donation. We will be following this group in China, and as they return in what I believe will be a great future.

Letitia Cabrera and Elijah Kennedy of Santa Paula High School had a wonderful time they'll never forget, they say, and hope they can be chosen again for our scholarships to Sacramento's Sly Camp. I hope we can send Letitia again; Elijah will be too old (already 18), but maybe we can ease him into an adult camp.
The program is so intensive with theory every morning, and practice and private lessons, and they are with peers and with professional, successful musicians as instructors.
Letitia wrote: "I believe every musician should attend the camp because they bring out the best in one's self.  My appreciation for music grew into deeper range."
Their final day was to play for the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society's event in their Dante Club -- a butterfly-experience for all 10 bands at the camp.
So, we are starting kids off in a good direction for life, as well as assuring the furtherance of America's Jazz music. Money well-spent and from all of you! Hope to get Letitia and Elijah at a Sunday dance for a spotlight performance.

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