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Dear Channel Cities Jazz Club:

Jazz has always been a huge part of my life. I have spent much of my time listening and loving artists like Glenn Miller, Peggy Lee and Artie Shaw for as long as I can remember. Jazz makes me happy and I can’t imagine living without it!  Singing is also a huge part of my life. I was in a children’s choir in middle school and since then my interest in singing has grown immensely. Singing is a great outlet for my emotions and I enjoy it very much. I also enjoy sharing it with people.  During the past year my interest in big band music has been growing. Some days after school I go to my granddad’s house and we listen to big band music and sometimes we sing and dance. My vocal style has been greatly influenced by Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald.

I would love to attend jazz camp because I need practice with musicians and need help ?nding my key for the songs. I love jazz and want to learn all that I can.

Thank you so much for sending me.
Eleanor Louise

Sacramento Summer Youth Trad Jazz Camp
In the past 8 years the Channel Cities Jazz Club has sponsored a total of 25 local middle and high school jazz band students to the Sacramento Summer Youth Traditional Jazz Camp. This camp is operated by the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society, which also holds one of the best
and largest jazz festivals in the whole country each Memorial Day Weekend.

The camp is located at Sly Park, the Sacramento County Schools Outdoor Education Facility at Pollock Pines in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, about an hour east of Sacramento.

The goal of the Trad Jazz Camp is to ensure the survival of the music by “Passing the Torch” from experienced jazz artists, (some of the finest anywhere) to aspiring young jazz musicians. To learn more about the camp and their very excellent program, check out their website at
vwwv.sacjazzcamp.org and click on the “youth section”.

The students that the CCJC has previously sent to the camp came back telling us things like, “I learned more there in a week than l did in a whole year from a private tutor”, and “l was able to expand my improvising skills farther than I ever imagined I was capable of", and “the whole
week was a great experience for me and my jazz career”. They also came back much better jazz musicians than they were before they went.

The jazz camp student for this summer is a vocalist, Eleanor Bakewell, a 16 year old 11th grader from El Camino High School in Ventura.  Here is a list of all the students that the CCJC has sponsored to the summer jazz camp, beginning in 2004. The club pays the weeks tuition for each student, which is currently $625.00 plus $125.00 to the family, to be used toward the travel expense of the student to and from the camp. The number of students that we send each year depends on our financial situation. We do gratefully accept donations to our Jazz Camp Scholarship Fund. If you wish to donate, please drop a few dollars in the little box on the entrance table at our monthly meetings at the Elks Lodge. Or if you prefer, you can mail a check to:
Channel Cities Jazz Club,
P O BOX 51333, Oxnard CA 93031.
Thanks in advance.

2004 Fabian Mauricio, Santa Paula Hi

2005 Letitia Cabrero, Santa Paula Hi
Elisha Kennedy, Santa Paula Hi

2006 Kristin Mauricio, Santa Paula Hi
Cirtis Blanck, Royal Hi, Simi
Aaron Murray, Cabrillo Middle School, Ventura

2007 Daniel Yu, Rio Mesa Hi
Logan Givan, Rio Mesa Hi
Amanda Lassich, Santa Paula Hi
Chris Cronin, Santa Paula Hi
Cisco Marquez, Santa Paula Hi
Wesley Bakewell, Santa Paula Hi
Josef Sartee, Cabrillo Middle School, Ventura

2008 Emily Rocksvold, Santa Paula Hi
Angel Perez, Santa Paula Hi
Katie Gregory & Tony Aiello, Rio Mesa Hi

2009 Rachel Flowers, Hueneme Hi

2010 Andrea Toledo, Santa Paula Hi
James Edmondson, Hueneme Hi
Dru Blossom, Ventura Hi

2011 Christian Bennett, Ventura Hi
Nic Ming, Ventura Hi
Nate Rowley, Ventura Hi '
Asa Tabor, Ventura Hi

Our 2012 Jazz Camp Scholarship Winner is Eleanor Louise Bakewell.
Eleanor is 16 years old and goes to El Camino High School in Ventura.

Dear Channel Cities Jazz Club,
Thank you so much for sending me to camp. I had the most lovely time. While at jazz camp I learned how to sing with a band and hold a microphone properly. I also learned to use less air in my voice during my one on one vocal lesson with Shelley Burns I had a great time meeting musicians and jamming with them. Also, the food at the camp was great and I gained a lot of confidence about my voice because it was such a supportive environment. It was a real treat
getting to work with such ?ne musicians. I had a really great time. Since then, I’ve gotten to sit in with a band called Stompy Jones. I just loved it. Before and after sets I’ve been enjoying swing dancing and at school I am taking a music theory class.

It was a great experience thank you so much,

~Eleanor Louise Bakewell


Our 2012 Jazz Camp attendee, Eleanor Bakewell sang at the “Top of the Mark” club in San Francisco this past weekend. She was a guest vocalist for one of the hottest swing bands in California, Stompy Jones. You can see Stompy Jones at Disneyland the third Saturday of every month.

 Congratulations Eleanor

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