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Year 2018

India Hill India Hill

During camp activities.
This past week at jazz camp, I’ve made so many memorable experiences. My band was called
“It’s Our Money and It’s
Our Money and We Want It Now! We Want It Now!!” The members were myself on piano, Evan on drums, Brayden on bass, Morgan on alto sax, Kate on clarinet, Aaron on trumpet, Eric on trombone, and our vocalist, Maya. Throughout the week, we played three different styles of songs— two upbeat ones, a mid tempo one, and a ballad. When we had our semi-private lessons, I was able to learn so much from Curtis and Jason, and it was wonderful working with Daisy, another pianist my age. One of my favorite experiences at camp was going on a hike to the riverbed and to go swimming. The water was icy cold, but we all had so much fun together in the water and sung songs on the way back. My time at the camp was amazing and I definitely plan on attending again next year! Thank you so much, Channel Cities Jazz Club for sponsoring me and affording me such a wonderful opportunity.
~India Hill

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