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Cool Blue Jazz BandAfter spending 35 years in Law Enforcement, Richie returned to his true passion, the Trumpet. He started his studies in New York at the ripe old age of 8. By the time 12 came around, he was already performing as a pro. While in New York, he studied with Trumpet Master Charles Colin. In 1963, he arrived in Los Angeles and studied with Irving Bush, John Clyman, and Tommy Stevens.

During his college days, he recorded with the likes of Della Reese, Ike, and Tina Turner, The Impressions, The Seven Wonders, The Emotions, and many others. After receiving his bachelor’s degree and attending Graduate School, he accepted a position in Law Enforcement. During his 35-year tenure, he sadly abandoned his music. Upon his retirement, he dusted off his horn and started on the long road back.

Richie Freedman's "Cool Blue" is available for any and all occasions and in all sizes.Richie Freedman - Cool BlueThe Band delivers more than just a great on-stage performance. We know what discerning clients expect. courteous professionals with flexibility and attention to detail that help create the best event possible. From musical preferences to special announcements, Cool Blue works closely with its clients to ensure that all important details are covered prior to the big day. If you want a top performer on and off stage, you want Cool Blue.

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The Band Personnel includes Richie, and his lovely wife, Laura Suzanne; George Green; Steve Pemberton; Michael Schnoebelen, Jeff Tagaguci, David Edelstein, Ben DiTosti, Steve Bradley, and Paul Stocker.

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