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What are Jammers and Jamming?
Jammers, are musicians who jam together. A term derived in approximately 1920 for those musicians, both black and white, who for no other reason than the love of their kind of music; usually jazz, got together after their evenings gig for the purpose of playing improvised or unrehearsed music (jamming). Together they keep their musical talents of ear, mind and body in tune. Each musician would get their playing time within the Jam to solo and work out these new improvised sounds or riffs that are in their mind or some may have been put to paper with or without an audience present.

In a jam set, as well as a scheduled organized performance of Jazz or Swing music, the musicians are free to lend their own interpretation to the music by improvising on the melody.
You May be a Jammer if —

You coulda' been a pro musician

You think you shoulda' been a pro musician instead.

You regret having taken that day job.

You have a melody trapped inside your body that must get out.

A Jam Set
Jammers at The Golden China
Alex Portillo Diz Mullins Bob Correll Tony Gracia Tony Gracia Marc Pallock

Bill Schneider
Alex Portillo Bob Gaston
Noe Kalima
Margie Palmer
Susan LeCroix

Tom Hall
Adrienne Selina
Charletta Erb
Alan Timmons

Jammers at The House of Dance

Jammers Mark Pallock Ed Ransford Vivien Mason Susan LaCroix Flugelhorn-Diz Mullins

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