North LA Jazz Ensemble
North LA Jazz Ensemble Bob Couto and the North LA Jazz Ensemble, one of our favorite jazz swing bands, returns under the direction of Bob Couto. This 18-piece jazz ensemble is always a crowd pleaser as they fill the place with big band sounds of Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and more, as well as traditional jazz and Dixieland.
When veteran band members of such greats get together on the stage, musical magic happens. So, take a stroll down memory lane. This will be an afternoon of dancing and listening pleasure, so join us for a Sunday afternoon at the House of Dance. If You get a free moment, check out this website: Its mission since 1984 is to provide unique music education and performance programs that instill confidence, responsibility, and ambition in children; motivate people of all ages and back­ grounds to reach their personal and creative potential; and unite diverse communities through their shared love of jazz and related genres. Their current programs include Jazz Camp West, Jam Camp West, "In the Name of Love,” the Annual Musical Tribute honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., The Living Jazz Children's Project, and Jazz Search West. Living Jazz understands that music is an inherent component of a healthy and vibrant society. It feels that every child and adult has the right to accessible, high-quality music immersion experiences.

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